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How Art Work Is Used As Propaganda For Nationalism (Essay Sample)


I took three poster photos of the museum and wrote them on request.


Museum/Exhibit Analysis
How art work is used as propaganda for nationalism
Throughout history, the opinion and the belief of the masses have been influenced by the authority that governs each group of people. One such method or object that is used to influence how the people think is through propaganda. Recently, I had the opportunity to visit a collection that featured many Chinese propaganda and social perspective in early Chinese modern history. In my experience, I saw that most works are done in the intent of strengthening nationalism and love for the own countries. Most of the works are centered on showing the military might and the unity of the people of China. This exhibit specializes in the acquisition of objects that are from 1910, which all show a perspective that glorifies patriotism and strength.
In all of the posters that I chose, a central character is featured. This character shows a pose that depicts victory or strength while also showing nice colors and beautiful imagery. The artworks that were made during those times indicated a strong intention of indoctrinating one to love and support the country’s will. In the first picture that I chose, a strong and capable Mao Zedong is featured at the centre of the poster. Behind him, a mighty army and the people of China is depicted. In this poster, it is evident that the artist or the creator’s intention is to show the masses who is boss. The leader is portrayed as one who is reliable because of his strength and his ideologies. The effect of this artwork is that it gives the supreme leader an aura of determination and power. The propaganda in this image is in the increased grandeur and the exaggerated image of greatness of the leader and the country.

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