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Analyze work of art of a "White Heron" (Essay Sample)

The essay should be based on "A white Heron" by Sarah Orne Jewett. Support your assertion as correctly as possible, referring to specific event/passage in the text or quoting from the text. Always give full yet economical answers. Keep the passage of citation short, a single word, a phrase, even a line or two. Whenever possible, do close textual analysis(CTA) of brief passages. Look at single words or phrases and discuss their grammatical, linguistic and/or rhetorical features. As much as half of your essay should be CTA. In analyzing your poem, it may be an explictaion or analysis. Bothe require that you formulate a thesis statement and support it with evidence from the text. Never merely identify an aspect of a work of art, put differently, identification for the sake of identification is superficial. If you account for the ideology of the text and do so with intelligent and profound insight, you are in "above average" range. To achieve the "superior" range, you must do some CTA and you must account for the "aesthetics" of the work of art. source..
Analyze work of art of a "White Heron"
Sarah Ornre Jewett’s short story “White Heron” stood out in the late 1880s as a representation of the American society during that period. It is in the genre of realism and was published by Houghton Mifflin and Company. This paper critically analyses the short story through a close textual analysis of the artwork. The short story is about Sylvia a young girl from the city who goes back to the countryside to live with her grandmother Mrs. Tilley; and meets with a hunter of a rare bird that is spotted in Sylvia’s neighborhood. She falls in love with country life and the environment and more so the animals that are found in it. The story brings to light many themes in society which can be argued different; for instance, good against evil; feminine against masculine; innocence vs. corruption and nature against civilization.
Sylvia is nine years old when she starts living with her grandmother at the countryside, and she struggles to fit into the new life. As she adopts the new life she likes it and becomes familiar with many chores including grazing and taking home the cow from the forest. The love for country side grew every day and though she was from the city the countryside seemed much more enjoyable, this can be asserted in the statement “There was hardly a night the summer through when the old cow could be found waiting at the pasture bars; on the contrary, it was her greatest pleasure to hide herself away among the hu...
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