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Analyze Male Bonding (Essay Sample)

The writer can use the following epics. The Iliad (Achilles and Patroclus), Beowulf, Gilgamesh (Gilgamesh and Enkidu) are some examples of best friends of heroes. The essay does not need citations because if you are going to use something from these epics it should be from the book we have. So I rather not cite from some other books. Last essay was well-written I like it but the citation appeared to not be completed, my teacher is really picky on citations MLA format. Thank you source..
Analyze Male Bonding
The epic story of Gilgamesh is one that has been seen world over to cause controversy and is even said by many a writer to have been more of a homosexual relationship rather than a genuine innocent friendship. Various scholars describe it in different ways but all come to the conclusion that it was really one very extra ordinary and profound kind of relationship that teaches us its values of proper relations in our social lives (Rank, Richter, & Lieberman, 42). This is a story hat gives the journey of persons seeking whole being and inner peace after meeting a soul brother.
Gilgamesh was the king of Uruk son of Lugalbanda a priest and Ninsun a goddess thus was seen to be a form of a demi-god. He was said to have been immortal and his quest and triumph was famed in all the lands he was said to have been a civilized and arrogant except with those whom loved his friends (Enkidu) who was from the most humble of backgrounds (Lucaites, Condit, & Caudill, 61). He was similarly ill-mannered, selfish having may complaints from his subjects in secrecy of course as they would be charged with treason whose penalty was death. It also brings out the element of poor governance in respect of the king over whom there was no power of ejecting out of power. It indicates that true friendship as well as love does not choose the background that the ordinary human race disgraces and undermines, instead, it dismisses all such aspects and creates a sense of unity and well being what some refer to as male divinity.
Legend has it that even if they had no power on earth of changing the Great God heard their laments and decided to create Gilgamesh a second half who would assist the people by making the bad king be understanding, respectable as well as friendly to all including his subjects. Enkidu came to being from a mixture of all the good that the heaven hold and was also arrogant and proud but unlike Gilgamesh, he was wiser in wild ways (Lucaites, Condit, & Caudill, 70). In actual sense they were made in the image of each other and thus were best suited for each other.
The bond existed between the two men even before they met as despite being at war, they loved each other they were two com...
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