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Describe my father (Essay Sample)

\\\"Describe my father, using concrete, specific nouns and and adjectives and including as many of the senses as possible. Avoid vague, abstract description such as \\\"beautiful,\\\" \\\"handsome,\\\"and so on. Crate a vivid picture of him by developing a portrait with a description in words. be sure to put a thesis statement that puts forth a purpose to develop: what you want to show a reader or a conclusion you have reached about this person.\\\" source..
Student’s name:
My father
The description concerning my father attempts to bring out a picture which is vivid concerning him through a suitable portrait development attained through words utilization towards provision of a suitable description capable of enabling others have a perception of how he is (Day 9). My father is a role model to me and his character is worth of emulation.
My father is a self-motivated man who is ambitious and aggressively works towards attainment of his goals especially to attain prosperity and bring up his family in desirable ways (Day 10). These characters have always inspired me such that I also work towards their attainment so that I may be as successful as my father.
Secondly, my father is a patient man who never jumps into conclusions and this character has helped him to avoid many frustrations (Day 11). Life has many challenges and it is only individuals having patience who have the capacity to tackle life aspects in cool and desirable ways.
Through my interaction with my father, I realized that he is result-oriented and very much hard working (Day 11). These are essential qualities towards success and have always motivated me and are worth of emulation by other individuals who desire success attainment.
Finally, my father is a peace maker and has steered establishment of peace movements within my society, aimed at eliminating any violence forms and upholding peace which is essential within any societal progress (Day 12).
The above highlighted aspects point out that my fathe...
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