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Appreciation Art: Sistine Chapel (Essay Sample)

Research Paper Project: The research paper must analyze an artwork of your choice. It is intended to explore both the formal and historical qualities of the work. It may be something that we have discussed in class, or you may select a work of which you are familiar. MLA guidelines apply. At least three source..
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Appreciation Art: Sistine Chapel
This assignment analysis on the painting of Sistine Chapel which Michelangelo was requested to do by Pope Julius II, the painting was historical up to date he was required to paint the ceiling of Sistine Chapel in the Vatican at Rome, this painting turned up to be the most famous as the painting covered 1,000 square yards and did describe nine scenes from the old testaments (Pieta by Michelangelo 1475-1564). He did three scenes for world creation, Time of Noah and Adam and Eve. In addition there were features of the prophet, and ancestors of Jesus. The drawing was done between 1508 and 1512 it did take much time to work on it due to its complexity and composition.
The drawing was meant for Pope`s need for grander but onwards especially the last Judgment is believed to be Michelangelo crown of his paintings. This is an indication how the art had a strong message which has passed over several century but still it has meaning even today and there have been no other artistic drawing which have got much high debate and admiration at the pope palace as well as the Catholic fraternity.
The painting was done directly on the wall which had wet plaster so that it could absorb the paint. This was a good choice of the surface to make it last long. Such artistic style have been handy because it had made the drawing to have stayed for such many years without losing their it`s artistic style as most of other drawing which were done then would be. Once the paint is absorbed by the plaster it became a permanent drawing and it cannot weather out easily or even fade. During the drawing he is documented that if made a mistake of the drawing he would to ply off the plaster after it has dried and start it all over again. This provides an insight on how he was passionate of his drawing and he took time to work on it.
The painting which Michelangelo's did was a complex design which was very original and far much than what the pope had instructed or had visualized this is a good trait of an artist to be able creative on what they are working on. The art had a lot of imagery with patterns which were easily recognizable depending on its set up at the chapel. Hence, the images which were drawn had the theme being supported by Christianity in relation to the old and new testament stories this has made the art meaningful and it does not have a time life which the art will loss meaning. This is an aspect which an artist needs to address on the reason of the painting its theme and what is being addressed. However, if such is not taken into considerations then th...
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