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Video Games: Explaining What Parents Opinion Towards Game (Essay Sample)


Instruction: One introduction paragraph, one body paragraph explaining what parents opinion towards game, 2-3 body paragraphs list 2-3 video games and how they can benefit teenagers (ex. Teamwork, Response capability.) One conclusion paragraph, better give me as soon as possible, so we can fix it.


Video Games
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Video Games
Parents condemn video games as one of the activities that encourage time wastages. This has been backed by some education experts who see some video games as items that corrupt the minds of children. The media experts, for instance, have documented that video games are responsible for childhood violence as well as the escalation of anti-social behaviors. However, psychologists and scientists have revealed that video games are beneficial since they make children smart. Parents have different views concerning video games and such views are both positive and negative in almost equal measures. For instance, video games enable children to develop creativity and thinking skills that they will use in their daily life.
When children play games, they obtain a brain workout. Different games, especially video games, require skills which require a high level of skills and intuitions that are not taught in classrooms. For example, different mental skills such as the ability to follow instructions and problem-solving techniques before making decisions enable the children to become focused when analyzing information (Teach Thought Staff, 2012). In addition, playing games such as Incredible Machine, Angry Birds and Cut the Ropes train the children’s brain to be creative and find new and hidden ways of solving puzzles in a short time. Secondly, some parents indicate that hand-eye coordination coupled with fine motor and special skills are enhanced through constant involvement in games. For examples, shooting games portray characters that are quick in running and shooting at the same time and speed. Therefore, children are able to keep track on the positions, speed, and aiming the enemy. In such circumstances, children develop high levels of hand-eye coordination and the visual-spatial abilities to obtain high scores. In other occasions, children are able to develop attention and surgical skills when playing games (Hughes, 2014).
On a separate note, parents have been promoting video games among children in a way to enhance their planning, management, and logistics skills. Children who are exposed to games especially video games learn to manage the resources which are limited and make decisions on better resource utilizations in real life. For example, games such as SimCity, Age of Empires and Railroad Tycoon have been beneficial in urban planning and architecture. In addition to that, children are able to develop multitasking, management of multiple objectives as well as multiple tracking of dynamic and shifting variables. For example, strategy games have numerous in prompt to events such as the emergence of enemies which enable the children to be flexible and quick in changing the playing tactics (Dye, Green & Bavelier, 2009).
Lastly, children are able to develop quick thinking, analysis, and decisions. A cognitive scientist has indicated that game simulating stressful events such as battlefields, and action games among others train the brain to develop speed and quick decisions. Sold...
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