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Nintendo Switch Super Bowl LI Commercial Analysis (Essay Sample)


This paper is basically an analysis paper about an add that the teacher made us choose, and we have to analyze the add according to media literacy concepts and ideas. I will attach the prompt for the paper, and also the notes I have from class regarding instructions that the instructor told us to follow regarding the layout of the paper from introduction to body paragraphs and conclusion. The link for the add I chose is (( https://www(dot)youtube(dot)com/watch?v=CdWd8fUC71g ))

Name: Ali Jarragh
Course: English 100
Instructor: Benjamin Crace
Date: 10/4/2017
Nintendo Switch Super Bowl LI Commercial Analysis
The commercial has been produced by Nintendo Switch Super Bowl which is an agency that is looking forward to bring to the attention of the people about its games. The intended audience of the commercial is the people who love playing various video games across the ages. Through the various characters in the commercial, you will realize that the commercial mostly targets the young people who might be enjoying playing the games as compared to the older people. The advert is accompanied with music that is played as the advert goes through creates a cheerful mood for the person watching and it is also intended to attract the attention of the viewer. Another role that is played by the music is that it makes the viewer not to be bored while watching the advert. The message in the music matches the way the first video clip begins. The music goes, "First things First…" and then the young man wakes up and immediately picks up his Nintendo Switch and starts playing.
The commercial contains clips of people playing video games. The ad begins by showing the video of a young man who is in sleep but then he wakes up, and he immediately picks up his phone and starts playing a game. After that it is followed by a video clip of a father and son who are playing a game on their television. While they are playing the game, it appears that the result of the match between them came to a draw at the end. Both of them still seem happy though. There are other clips that also follow, and all of them contain the images of the people who are playing games. The sub-text that I got from the piece of the advert is that Nintendo Switch includes games that can be played by all the people and you will enjoy while you are playing the games on your won or while you are playing the games with a friend or a family member.
The commercial portrays the games to be an important aspect of life that one cannot do without. Elsewhere in the commercial, the young man whom we met at the beginning of the commercial appears to be so addicted to the game to the extent that he has to stop cooking to play the game. He walks with his phone to the kitchen and puts it down to begin cooking and before he even finishes cooking, he is back at his phone and continues to play the game. Another basic persuasion technique that has been used in the advert is the association technique. The issue of playing games is linked with gaining happiness and joyCITATION Not1 \p "p. 7" \l 1033 (Notes p. 7). Throughout the advert, you will realize that the people who are involved app...
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