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Advertisement proposal Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


In this assignment, you are going to write an advertisement proposal. As you prepare your proposal, think about the Unit Question, “How well does a picture illustrate the truth?” Choose one of the topics below:

1. Imagine you work for an advertising agency that designs print or Web advertisements. Choose a product or service to advertise, such as a business you know, a product you use, or something that does not exist yet. Write a proposal for a client, describing your ideas for an ad.


2. Imagine you work for an advertising agency that is designing a public service campaign for a non-profit organization which deals with a specific social issue. Write a proposal for this campaign, including different kinds of ads, such as television ads, posters or billboards, or Web ads in your proposal. Include a description of an image or graphic you will use in the campaign.
When you write a proposal, check that your paragraphs have unity. All points and ideas in your paragraphs should support one topic, thesis, and purpose, and each individual paragraph should focus on one main idea. To make your writing effective, do not mix many different ideas in one paragraph.

What is an advertisement proposal?
An advertisement proposal is a formal document that an advertising agency uses to offer clients a particular service or product, such as a new print ad, Web ad, or advertising campaign.
The proposal often identifies what the product or service is, details about how it will work, and an explanation of why it will be successful.


Your Name
Subject and Section
Professor’s Name
October 10, 2020
Advertisement Proposal – Koko Krunch Adults
Good Day Sir Buday,
Head of Marketing and Consumer Communication, Nestle
Web Fix Advertising Agency proudly presents an exciting opportunity to advertise your new product Koko Krunch for Adults. The first product to provide a nostalgic feel and a healthier option to the classic Koko Krunch. In line with our proposed advertising program, we would like to present a strategic combination of viral social media content focusing on word-of-mouth targeting to increase brand awareness with the least amount of resources and the most amount of ROI as much as possible.

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