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Academic Integrity: Policies And Institutions (Essay Sample)


rescourses and requirements you need to know is in these website Integrity guidelines analysis (15% :: due 9/8/2017): Read the academic integrity policies ( published by UB, and any two of the statements of professional ethics published by these organizations: PEN (, the American Association of University Professors (, the Institute for Advertising Ethics (, the Motion Picture Association of America (, the CFA Institute (, the American Bar Association (, the National Society of Professional Engineers (, and the American Medical Association ( In a 1200-word paper, address the following mandatory questions (and add any optional reflections): What prompts the development of such policies? What purpose(s) are they designed to serve? What would be the test of their effectiveness? What commonalities are there between UB's policy and the guidelines formulated by these professional bodies? (4, 8)


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September 8, 2017
Establishment of policies has always been one of the crucial part of establishing and organization. Mainly, this is due to the fact that any institutions are comprised of humans which are deemed to have a natural affinity towards disorder and chaos. In other words, policies are guidelines which consolidates the members of an organization by prescribing a specified amount of actions that their members could and could not do. Nonetheless, different types of organizations also have different areas of focus which leads to different sets of policies. Thus, an association of Doctors and healthcare providers would have policies oriented towards providing ethical and high-quality healthcare, while an association of lawyers might have policies which is closely related to the propagation of the rule of law. In this paper, the author would discuss about three different institutions (academic, film, and advertising) and analyze their sets of policies based on their own fields. More particularly, he would evaluate the reasons as to what prompted these institutions to develop such policies as well as the purpose that these policies serve. Aside from this, the effectiveness of these policies would also be discussed based on anecdotal accounts that could be gathered from the web. Lastly, the author would focus on the similarities and differences between the policies established by an academic institution (University at Buffalo) as well as the other institutions that have been stated earlier. In line with these questions at hand, the author believes that, for any institutions that exist, the main principle of establishing policies is to prevent the risks and abuse that some people could inflict, in order to provide a fair playing field for everyone in that particular niche.
Policies and Institutions
Organizations are just like the state in such a way that they are comprised of diff

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