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Chinese International Students Should Not Live With Host Family (Essay Sample)


Chinese International Students Should Not Live With Family


Chinese International Students should not live with Host Family
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Chinese International Students should not live with Host Family
As an international, some of the trigger questions that normally arise includes: Can internal students have a family host environment or should they live with other students? Is it good to have your meals prepared for you or buy and cook the meals alone? Or will they be free when with the host family? International students normally appreciate living with the host families in the USA due to the conducive environment for relaxation as well as being able to speak the local language at any moment the opportunity arises. In addition, the international student normally enjoys language immersion due to frequent speaking of the language that leads to rapid improvement of skills. This is coupled with cultural experience, having a feel of safety as well as having a financial boost. However, hosting international students is usually an experience as well as quite challenging. It is usually difficult to bring students of different cultural backgrounds to become part of the family. Some students are usually reserved and usually prefer to stay alone.
On the same note, these students especially those from China do not have the numerous benefits. Learning as an international student usually benefits from the experience of cultural diversity, freedom as well as having ample time to engage in activities that help in the development of mind as well as exposure. Thus, if the students live alone, they have more freedom, living alone helps them become stronger and help them avoid quarrels with the host family as well as their roommates.
Chinese students in the USA are usually free from house rules as well as other people's rules. The aspect of house rule is normally brought about b...
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