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Do You Believe That College Students Should Be Required To Complete Community Service Before Graduating? (Essay Sample)


The Essay should answer the following prompt:
Do you believe that college students should be required to complete community service before graduating?
Write an essay in which you establish your own view on this issue and explain your opinion with reasons and detailed examples.
1 INTRO paragraph(in 1-3 sentences you must briefly summarize Egger's central idea on this topic and then in 2-4 sentences, introduce the most common arguments on the two main sides of the issue, and then state your view), 2 body paragraphs and a conclusion paragraph(see the first attatchment for the requirements of each paragraph)
The first attachment is the essay's requirement, the second and the third one are the article.
Can you use the simple language, thank you.

Professor’s Name:
Do you believe that college students should be required to complete community service before graduating?
In his article, Egger makes a very compelling argument when he proposes the introduction of volunteering as a college requirement. He acknowledges the work college often demands especially when the finals are looming but also notes that students waste a lot of time as well (Egger, 2004). As a person who went to college, Egger shows an understanding of the course load as well as the part-time jobs college students are often up to. However, he also points out the fact that despite the above, college students still find themselves with a lot of free time. From his description of college, one understands that this free time is often wasted and hence his recommendation to have college students take part in community service. To him, students’ participation in community service should not be a formality but a requirement for graduation. After reading his article, I took the time to analyze his views of college life and ultimately, I was obliged to agree with him. However, I do not believe that college students should take part in community service solely because they have a lot of time in their hands. On the contrary, students should take part in community service because it will gift them a sense of increased self-efficacy and responsibility, and they will also increase their chances of acquiring a job in future.
By taking part in community service, college students will indeed increase their sense of self-efficacy as well as responsibility. First of all, when students take part or work voluntarily within their community, they learn how to be responsible. Accountability lessons are indeed rare in colleges, but by taking part in, for example, cleaning the community, students learn how to be responsible individuals within the community. Eventually, they will start seeing themselves as members of the community who have a duty and not just to themselves but also to other people as well. Additionally, students get to also understand their ability and competence which eventually translates to increased self-confidence. The impact here will also be felt in class because students often transform the same energy and positive attitude in their academics.
Students will also make themselves more attractive to potential employers in the future. While taking part in community service, one can learn different skills which could be of interest to some employers. During interviews, some employers often like to ask hypothetical questions and then carefully listen to the answers people provide. Many people fail to recognize the test within such questions and therefore, end up failing the interview and losing out on the job offer. For example, an employer might ask, “You are working on a project whose deadline is fast approaching but your colleague, with whom you are doing the project, is not done with his part (which you need for yours to work). How do you deal with the situation?” The above question can be hard for someone who never took part in community service and learnt problem-solving skills. While some might say they will wait for their colleague to finish their part even if the deadline will have expired, a person who encountered a similar issue in community service might have a different view. He/she might say that they would find different ways to go aroun...
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