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Beauty Salon with The Stranger Research Assignment (Essay Sample)


Use these assignment topics and the guiding questions to help you construct your essay. You do not have to answer every question, and you're free to combine prompts. You can focus on onesingle text, or you can compare and/or contrast Beauty Salon with The Stranger. A Works Citedpage is necessary.


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Beauty Salon with the Stranger
The Stranger is a fictional piece evoking the reader's attention throw a stronger echo of the philosophies of Camus's, a notion considered as absurd. In his writings, Camus purports that human existence and individual lives have no logical order or meaning. However, since people find it difficult to accept this notion, they make constant attempts to create and identify the logical structure and meaning of their lives. Given this, the term absurdity as used by this author typically infers to humanities futile attempts to find meaning and their rational order even when none seems to exist. In as much as Camus does not explicitly make inference to the notion of absurdity in his writing, the primary tenets of absurdity resonate within the novel. This is evident in the external and internal worlds in which Meursault is purported to have been living in possessing the rationality of order (Swenson 105). Given this, Meursault finds no discernable reason for any of his actions such as the sole decision made to marry Maries and his verdict to kill the Arab. The fundamental components of Camus's philosophy as presented in the novel remain evident in the fact that the society is prone to make attempts aimed at imposing or fabricating the rational explanations to Meursault's irrational behaviors and actions. This is pegged on the ideology that things tend to occur for no reason and that events have no meaning that would threaten or disrupt a society.
On the other hand, different personalities in the novel have varied reasons and attitudes towards death. Meursault was established in the novel shows no emotional response to his mother's death, a view that the society finds weakened since they believe the character ought to have been distraught by grief. In as much as Meursault is exposed as content in believing that physical death gives a representation of the final end of a phase in life, the chaplain are shown to be holding on to the idea of an afterlife. Given this, the idea of death is perceived as an inevitable part of human life that needs to be meet by emotional responses. Camus argument therefore centers on the certainty of things that revolve around life such as the inevitability of death. Since all human beings are bound to meet death as asserted by this character, all lives are termed as equally meaningless, a philosophical view that is established justify morality (Scherr 169). Camus therefore plays his immoral role as an absurdist world viewer while the chaplains who believe in an afterlife after death are moralists.
In Beauty Salon, Mario Bellatin gives a narration of a beautiful and strange

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