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Five essay questions. History Essay (Essay Sample)


Answer the five essay questions for each 2-3 paragraphs.

Essay Questions for Midterm


 1. What were the inspirations behind the revolution?


John lock: how government look like. Social contract between people and GOV.

republic: right to rebel. Cilvil duties: make sure things are going in correct ways. Moral citizens. Common sense why we need to rebel. Thomas?


2. How did slavery compare to indentured servitude? What changes took place in slavery during the seventeenth-century in the Chesapeake and Southern colonies?  Why?  What was the state of slave treatment in each phase of this development?

3. What major developments led to the European explorations?  Who were the major figures involved?  What social and political developments enabled Europeans to explore and conquer?

4. What were the positions of the British government and colonists on the issue of representation?  What argument was made for each?  Which do you think is more persuasive?

5. What were the limitations of the United States Government under the Articles of Confederation? Why did the states decide on such a limited governmental structure? Were there positives in this type of arrangement?


GOV cannot get tax, they don’t have the commerce. Nothing they can do.

Congress should not have too much power. One of the person corrupt will cause…



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Essay Questions
1 What were the inspirations behind the revolution?
One of the inspirations behind the American Revolution was the changing laws, which limited the freedom of people living in the American colony. The loss of natural rights fueled discontent among the untrained American population who would later come together to fight a war against a mighty British army (Israel 142). The founding fathers popularized the laws of nature because the British colonial government could no longer sustain the needs of American people as per the social contract between people and government.

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