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The American Revolution. History Essay Research Paper (Essay Sample)


After having read chapter four in Thinking Through the Past, use that chapter’s primary sources as evidence to support your interpretation of the following question:
Was the American Revolution solely a struggle for independence from Britain, or did it also involve efforts to make American society more democratic?
NEED TO USE CLASS, RACE, and GENDER as main 3 points in thesis statement to answer question.
NEED TO USE ALL 11 SOURCES ( 2-7 is about class, 8-10 is about race, and 10-12 is about Gender)


The American Revolution
Priscilla Saenz
University of Texas at El Paso
HIST 1301
The American Revolution happened between 1765 and 1783. During this Period American were fighting for their independence from the British colonialists. Although Americans wanted their independence, fighting for democratic societies was not their main objective. For instance, rich people wanted their independence for various economic reasons. Three statuses assisted America to attain independence. These statuses were gender, class, and race. These statuses play different roles during this period, but in the long-run, America was free from the British Colonialists.
Different types of class in the American Society that is the upper, the middle, working, and the lower class assisted America to gain independence. In November 1765, the British Parliament imposed direct taxes Act on America and it took effects immediately. These direct taxes were the Stamp act on the thirteen colonies of Britain. Britain needed these countries to produce printed materials that were supposed to have a revenue stamp. These materials included newspapers, play cards, and magazines among others. America was furious and refused to pay the taxes that were imposed by Britain. America composed the Stamp Act riot in response to the direct taxes. In these riots, there were specific classes that were involved in the riots. They were the middle class or privateers and disbanded soldiers.

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