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F. Scott Fitzgerald: The Great Gatsby and Winter Dreams (Essay Sample)


Directions: You will read two texts by F. Scott Fitzgerald: The Great Gatsby and “Winter Dreams” As you read pay close attention to the themes (ideas; topics), such as hypocrisy, carelessness, honesty/dishonesty, dreams, responsibility, tolerance, etc. Write down details from the text or textual evidence that relate to 2 themes. Write: Write a 3 paragraphs in which you reflect on what you learned/noticed/inferred about the 2 of themes in the two selections . . Use examples from the novel you noted above Ex. You might begin like this-- As I was reading these pieces, I noticed that the theme of carelessness is prevalent in both. Dolly in and Sam in attitudes, actions and relationships to others,both seem to be careless in their actions, attitudes and relationship to others.

F. Scott Fitzergerald had been one of the most accomplished writers of his time. The Great Gatsby was one of the works that brought most of the attention to his writing skills, published in the year 1925, the book brought to light about the lack sustainability of the American dream. In the book, Scott brings out the fact that, the idea of social mobility is an illusion (Clark). This he does, through the story of Jay Gatsby, who falls in love with a lovely woman from high social class. In an effort to please the lady, he works hard to make money to marry her. In the end the lady marries a man from her social class. In the end Jay dies with the illusion that he was a self made man, while in the real sense he had over reached his social status. In this book there are several themes that come out and that build on the story and meaning that Scott wanted to the masses to understand. Of the main themes in the book are gender roles and the American vision in the American dreams.
Great Gatsby
1.Gender roles On the eighth page of the book, tom Buchanan is seen to close the windows in the room. In the expression of the writer, there is wind that is locked in within the room as the windows close. Some of the objects in the room that are affected by the blowing winds are the rugs, curtains and some two women that are in the room as well (Denby).
In this context, the women as shown as objects and the men are shown as powerful and more valuable than the women.2.Gender rolesOn page fifteen as both miss Baker and daisy the wife to tom converse, the theme of gender roles is also exalted. In the conversation Miss Baker seems surprised that Daisy does not seem to know or have any clue to the fact that her husband was having an affair with a city girl. The same statement is also illustrated between Jordan and Nick.3.Gender rolesOn the seventeenth page there is a statement about girls are supposed to be fools. This implies that daisy is a fool, a reflection of the girls of the time.4.Gender rolesOn page 18 and 19 as both Tom and Daisy talk about Jordan Bakers, they show a lot of sexist ideas of the time. According the, Jordan should not be let to go round the country on her own, according to Daisy, she should be staying at home as it is good for her.5.Gender rolesOn page thirty, Mr. McKee is described as having some features of the body that are quite feminine ( rolesOn the thirty seventh page of the book, Mrs. Wilson is seen to shout Daisy’s name and at the same time there is the element of Daisy breaking her nose as Tom hit her with his open hand. Tom was always quite dominating and he never at any one time wanted to be the one to be a subordinate.7.Gender rolesOn page seventy six, Scott writes about the fact that daisy was drunk. She lay on the bed drunk with a bottle of Sauterne on one of the hand and a letter on the other hand. This extract, shows that the women of this society in the 1920s were not al...
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