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American History: Slavery did not originate in America (Essay Sample)

Here is the question that needs answered. How do both the enslavement and emancipation of West AFrican slaves reveal aspects of the American psyche past and present? Think about this from the point of view of a student from outside the United States. Give a well thought answer of at least 200 words. Please cite any sources that you may use both within the paper (MLA) and in a work cited page as well. source..
Student`s Name: Instructor`s Name: Course: Date Submitted: American History Slavery did not originate in America. It was and is practiced by many cultures even today. Therefore, I do not think slavery of the past tells us a lot regarding American psyche as much as it does human psyche. I believe that past slavery implies things we already know. People are power-hungry and greedy. Emancipation implies that there are/were some American people (and others around the world) who actually believe in the American dream and impartiality. Thus, what slavery portrays is that there are individuals around the globe who give in to their desires and wants at the expense of other people. Emancipation shows that there are individuals around the world who are willing ...
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