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Immigration Reform Politics (Essay Sample)

Choose significant political policy issue (immigration reform) Compare the views of the two major political parties on the issue. What policies do the two parties recommend? What are the costs and consequences of these opposing views? How might the differing positions on this issue affect your voting choices? at least 3 sources at least 4 pages not including cover page or bibliography source..
IMMIGRATION REFORM POLITICS Name Institution Affiliation Instructor Date of Submission Immigration Reform Introduction For several centuries, human beings have been moving from one place to another due to several reasons. For example, people have moved from their old jurisdictions due to persecution, search for better opportunities, family reasons or political reasons such as freedom. For the US, this has been a very big issue. The United States of America is perhaps one of the biggest beneficiary of immigration in the world; this is because most of the citizens in the country are not or American ancestry (Citrin, et al., 1997). However, immigration also poses a lot of challenges to many governments and the US is no exception. The manner in which immigration should be handled rests with the government of the day in the US. The government of the day, for several decades has always been either from the Republicans or the Democrats. Policies of issues have always created a division along party lines majorly because of the way both handle them. Immigration reform is not an exception. Democrats versus Republicans In modern times, the US remains one of the most popular countries for immigrants in the world. It is, therefore, expected that issues that pertain to immigration reform have drawn a lot of attention. This is because immigration affects the growth of the population and the economy in a big way. It, therefore, worries the average American on what the real approach toward such a thorny issue should be. For conservatives, immigration laws must be strengthened to make it hard for foreigners not to make part of the country easily. This means that Republicans want a state that is increasingly alienating those who would like to chase their American dream. On the other hand, democrats blame the GOP for not allowing America to continue to flourish. Many Democrats are of the opinion that the US has become what it is tod...
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