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Midsummer Night's Dream (Essay Sample)


This essay is urgent. Please finish on time. The requirement is attached in a picture format. Please write according to the picture of requirement. Don't reference too much! Analysis in own words is the most important part! Focus on analysis. The resource is the book of Midsummer Night's Dream of Shakespeare which you can find from Internet coz I do not have electronic one. High mark is required. Thank you very much. Hi each body paragraph should contain three points! Thanks!


Topic: Analyse different themes (chaos and order, power and authority, different kinds of love) and activities of related characters (Hermia, Lysander, Helena, Demetrious, Tetania, Puck, Egeus, Oberon, Theseus, Hippolyta, indian boy and so on) of Midsummer Night's Dream of Shakespeare
Introduction: (include overview of Midnight Summer Dream)
Paragraphl: analyse the theme of Chaos and Order with related characters shown in the Midsummer Night's Dream
Paragraph2: analyse the theme of Power and Authority with related characters shown in the Midsummer Night's Dream
Paragraph3: analyse the theme of love with related characters shown in the Midsummer Night's Dream
Don't reference too much! Analysis in own words is the most important part! Focus on analysis.


Midsummer Night’s Dream
A midsummer night’s dream is Shakespeare’s comedy play that was written around the 1590s A.D. The general setting of the play is based on the lifestyle of the royal families as was in those defined years. It is on the wedding arrangement of the duke of Athens; Theseus and the queen of Amazons; Hippolyta. Also in the play are other characters; there is Egeus who is Theseus friend, and he forces his daughter, Hermia to marry Demetrius whom she does not love. She is in love with Lysander whom her father views as an outcast thus the two lovers decide to elope. However, Demetrius loves her but another woman, Helena (Nostbakken & Shakespeare, 2003), again loves him. The play is made better by a parallel storyline of fairies whose lives are intertwined with the main play. The fairies also have a kingdom ruled by Oberon as the king and Titania as his queen. However, this paper critically examines the play as well as the different themes as evident among the characters in the play from a broad perspective.
Chaos and Order
The theme of chaos and disorder perfectly comes out in various scenes of the play. First, the order of the family unit is disrupted when Hermia goes against her father’s; Egeus’ will marry Demetrius. Society demands daughters to adhere to their father’s will, and this disobedience threatens their relationship. Egeus requests the king; Theseus to grant him the authority to kill her or send her to nunnery for eternal seclusion from the society (Nostbakken & Shakespeare, 2003). The other instance of disorder is when Oberon; the fairies king instructs Puck to administer a love potion dose to Demetrius so that he can love Helena, whom he despises despite the fact that she is mad in-love with him. Puck accidentally administers the portion to Lysander, who now falls in love with Helena instead. Lysander’s girlfriend confronts Helena with accusations that she has bewitched his man. An initiative to rectify the problem sees to it that D...
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