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Dream interpretation Essay (Essay Sample)

Review the 4 dreams – how would you interpret them (what do you think the dreams mean). source..

Dream interpretation
Dream interpretation
Dreams provide us with an insight of what our problem or wish might be. Dreams content can shift abruptly, reveal bizarre elements as well as frighten the dreamer with terrifying scenes and imagery. The idea that dreams, at times can be very rich as well as compelling is the reason why many believe there is at least some meaning associated with our dreams (Stone, 2011). This paper seeks to interpret the four dreams.
Dream one
This dream may be interpreted to mean a state of depression and anxiety. A doctor is a dream symbolizes that this person needs some sort of treatment. Waiting in an office for a doctor to come in and then leaving and get to another office may symbol a stressful situation. I may be feeling a little stressful due to tensional circumstances around me. Waking up irritated and with anxious feeling may also mean that there could be something bothering me that I feel I need professional help. However, not seeing a doctor at all may mean I am in need of emotional treatment but nobody is there to help out. The dream also has elements of disappointment from...
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