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Interpersonal communication (Essay Sample)

Please read attached files. Please remind that it\\\'s book assignment, but it\\\'s not book review..... CS 115 Dyadic Communication and Interpersonal Relationships Write a five-page paper (double spaced, 12 inch font). Due date: 2/28. Choose at least two areas of interpersonal communication in which you are relatively weak. Give clear examples of your communication with others that illustrate the weaknesses you are referring to. Using concepts from the course, analyze these weaknesses in order to understand their roots. Then explain how you can improve your interpersonal communication in these areas. Provide specific details of your approach. 57-61(Fierce conversation) (inhaling: perceiving and listening) –207-209 (Empathic and dialogic Listening) 225-233 => Please read this part more carefully! 253-261(Self disclosure) I'm writing about my some areas of interpersonal communication in which I'm relatively weak, and they should be about inhaling (Empathic and dialogic Listening) and exhaling(Self disclosure). Thesis: Each person has different experience and different thinking, so we could have problems with communication to each other when we are inhaling and exhaling. So how I'm going to handle this to be an interpersonal communicator? What's my solution? Weak area: 1.Self disclosure---solution: I might need to refer Fierce conversation 2. Empathic and dialogic Listening---solution: I might need to refer Mindful listening. source..
Date: March 1, 2011
Interpersonal Communications
To be able to an effective communicator then one has to avoid miscommunication; this needs people to think clearly, well and a rich way about how they communicate (Stewart, & Thomas, p.53). All aspects of communication such as humans live in worlds of meaning; communication involves choices; communication is affected by culture; it involves negotiating; and conversations influence communication must be incorporated in ensuring efficiency and effectiveness in communication. Different people have varied experiences as well as thinking when it comes to interpersonal communication thus the tendency of each of us to have problems with communications with each other both when we are inhaling and exhaling processes of communication (Stewart, & Thomas, p.54).
This paper tackles the issue of interpersonal communication and tries to establish why one is relatively weak in. Each person has different experience and different thinking, so we could have problems with communication to each other when we are inhaling and exhaling. This paper finds out how I am going to handle this to be an interpersonal communicator and the solution to the problems. In inhaling my weak area is self disclosure and in exhaling the problem identified is empathic and dialogic listening. Generally, there are two types of person when it regards to my interpersonal communication skills. First one is the person, who is connected with me very well and the other is the person, who is hard to communicate with me and often I find that among kindergartners, it is easy for me to make new friends without any constraints.
The Problem and Discussion
My life has been generally different in the young and adult stages. I recognized that my human relations are very different between when I was a child, who go to elementary school, and now as I’m a 26 years old student. When I went elementary school, I made new friends without constraint. Also, introducing was very simple because all we need to do was introducing each one’s name. Since we had been grown up together in the same part of town with similar life environment, so it was hard to find differences among children, so all we need to do was introducing each name, and that’s enough to become friend.
On the other hand, when I became older, and I didn’t change my way to make a friend: for example, introducing my name shortly, but it didn’t work very well as much as when I was a child. This made me feel insufficient in relationships because most relationships were not deep. I also noticed that I have a problem with communication in human relationships. This brings a major question what makes my human relations different during the several years since I was a child?
There are many changes that occur during growth which may result to affecting interpersonal communication among individuals. This creates either a...
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