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Film 100 (Essay Sample)

Please do essay on the following: (Chaplin and Keaton Compare and contrast their comedy styles.) please answer REQUIRED TEXTBOOK A Short History of the Movies, Mast and Kawin, Abridged Tenth Edition, Published by Pearson and Longman. ISBN 10:0205665926 yOU CAN LOOK AT THESE SCREENINGS AS REFERENCE ALSO: Screening: Slapstick Masters (streaming available at Netflix) Charlie Chaplin Easy Street 1917 Buster Keaton One Week 1920 Monty Banks Chasing Choo Choos 1927 Laurel and Hardy Big Business 1929 (streaming: Netflix) Screening The General Buster Keaton 1927 PAPERS: Two to three pages, double spaced, maximum font: 12 Submit your papers in Word (doc). Only one entry is necessary on the first line of page one: your name. The second line is the beginning of your paper. Do not list the director, the actors, the production co. etc. Answer the topic question. Points will be deducted for not following directions and instructions: 1) Writing less than two pages is an automatic five point loss. 2) Not citing specific examples from the film to support your ideas. Details are important because it indicates you not only watched the film but studied the film in order to answer this question and of course, expand your knowledge. 3) Errors in spelling, grammar, and syntax source..
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In terms of direction Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton were very much similar. But in terms of acting there styles were little different. Both of them dominated the silent film industry for very long time. Together they produced many classic mater pieces. They used violence and exaggeration to please their audience in a comedic way. If we analyze their works we come to know that the main difference between them is that Buster Keaton used more exaggerated violence than his counterpart. Another clear difference between the two was that Keaton’s movies had more action than the Charlie Chaplin’s works. Charlie Chaplin’s acting was focused on lifestyle; Chaplin exaggerated the different lifestyles to make his movies very funny. In my point of view Charlie Chaplin’s comedy was more convincing because his approach was realistic. (Kawin and Mast, 36)
Although Buster Keaton works were monumental and he used exaggerated violence to perfection but Chaplin used his facial expressions to make the audience laugh. To use expressions to make people laugh is not an easy job to do. Therefore I appreciate Chaplin’s more than Keaton. In simple words Charlie Chaplin’s films are mainly based on human reactions and emotions. On the other hand Keaton’s main focus was on physical comedy to make audience laugh. Buster Keaton’s physical comedy can be seen in rockslide scenes and especially when he...
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