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The Wizard of Oz (Essay Sample)

Please use the following Film as a reference "The Wizard of Oz". Answer the question below. Please follow instructions after question QUESTION #1. The Wizard of Oz. Discuss what elements or conventions of the “musical” genre were successfully employed or utilized that made this film a classic. PAPERS: Two to three pages, double spaced, maximum font: 12 Submit your papers in Word (doc). Only one entry is necessary on the first line of page one: your name. The second line is the beginning of your paper. Do not list the director, the actors, the production co. etc. Answer the topic question. Points will be deducted for not following directions and instructions: 1) Writing less than two pages is an automatic five point loss. 2) Not citing specific examples from the film to support your ideas. Details are important because it indicates you not only watched the film but studied the film in order to answer this question and of course, expand your knowledge. 3) Errors in spelling, grammar, and syntax source..
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The Wizard of Oz
The nostalgic visions one can witness in postmodern films found music as a tool to express emotions and develop the story in the language of music. The Wizard of Oz of 1939 is a true example of that phenomenon because the film falls into the musical genre which used many wonderful songs and classical dancing to develop the story. In the film, songs and the story go together, developing the plot and further characterizing the roles. This musical genre made The Wizard of Oz a classic film at a time when American studios were breaking ground. The famous songs used in the film gave an extra importance to the characters and made it more entertaining. The stage performance of the characters in the film is as popular today as it was about 50 years ago.
The songs in The Wizard of Oz make the story more interesting, even though some of the songs do not seem parallel to the story. Being a first technicolor film, The Wizard of Oz had a great challenge to make the experience of color motion pictures a success. And no doubt it was a great success because both technicolor and black and white were used in the film which received great applause from the audience. “The Wizard of Oz is a film that has graced the childhoods of many all over the world for more than fifty years. Its images, story, and music have inspired countless parodies and successful spin offs.” (
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