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A Brief Description Of The My Relationship With A Friend (Essay Sample)


Respond to the following prompts in college essay format as described in week one. Your paper should be about 500 words, contain an introductory paragraph that includes a hook and thesis statement, includes supporting paragraphs that specifically answer the prompt and applies terminology and concepts from the reading, and ends with a concluding paragraph that summarizes your main points. It should be typed in a clear 12 pt. font and double-spaced. A large part of your grade will be based on your ability to apply the terminology and concepts from the reading. Be sure to underline or boldface the concepts and terminology as you apply them.
Think of a relationship in which you are currently involved. It could be a friend, intimate partner, or family member. Give a brief description of the relationship.
Thinking back to when you first met and applying attraction theory, tell what caused your initial attraction to the other person.
Based on Knapp's relationship stages, tell the current stage you are in and why you think you are in that stage. Then go on to apply social penetration theory and describe the amount of self-disclosure in the current stage.
Next, tell the dialectical tensions you have experienced in your relationship and give examples to illustrate.
Conclude with predictions about the future of your relationship.
Have to use the book to answer the questions.
Please do not use some pretty good vocabulary because teacher know my English is not good, but I will told him I found the tutor help me correct...
Thank you so much!


My Relationship with a Friend
Institution Affiliation
My Relationship with a Friend
Relationships are formed by having one thing in common and are maintained by honesty and trust. Good communication is the most important factor in every relationship as this is the only way people talk about their feelings, emotions, fears, disappointments and are able to express the situation they are experiencing at any given point. Proper communication solves issues, destroys communication boundaries and it strengthens the relationship. Several studies reveal the fact that silence is a temporary solution to problems; therefore, permanent solutions are best obtained through communication. People have varied opinions when it comes to several things in life, but coming to a point of agreement concerning the issues is important in keeping disagreements at bay. I personally treasure my relationship with my best friend and would do anything to ensure that our bond grows stronger every day. I must admit, however, that we have our differences, but we try as much as possible not to let

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