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Chapter 8 And 9 Questions: Describing The Problem (Essay Sample)


Please type all work and provide specific examples for each question. Please answer all questions in complete sentences. To ensure you receive the maximum amount of points, please be sure that every question is answered and that examples are given for each question. Please do not respond with simply “yes” or “no” responses.


Chapter 8 and 9 Literature Review QuestionsNameInstitutional AffiliationDate
Chapter 8
Question 1
The author of the literature review has used an academic tone in describing the problem. The author has not used the first person but rather the third person to describe the studies of the various scholars about the issue of overnight stays. Regular reference to the previous studies that have been conducted over the years about overnight stays and resident-parent relationship shows that it has used an academic tone.
Question 2
The author begins his work by identifying the various factors that are associated with the overnight stay. The factors are given based on the various research findings on how the factors can cause overnight stay. After that, the author goes to a different topic of the relationship that exists between overnight strays and quality of the non-resident parent-child relationship. Given the above analysis, we can justify that the author has presented the review logically.
Question 3
The author has identified the areas that need more research at the end of his work. The author says that there are no findings on the relationship between child gender and the overnight stays. Another specific area that the author has identified and it needs more research is overnight contact. There is limited data in the above fields, and it is upon researchers to take up the task and come up with findings that will help someone who might be thinking of writing a literature review in the field.
Question 4
The author has identified the various studies that have been previously carried out and how they help us to identify redefine the issue of an overnight stay. In between the text of the review, there is the regular reference to studies that were previously carried out and their findings. For instance, in the mention of the factors that are associated with the overnight stay, the author has mentioned age as one of them and referenced the various studies related to the factor.
Question 5
The author concludes the review by presenting an argument. That more overnight stays, a better relationship between the children and

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