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502 U5 A2: The Human-to-Human Relationship Model (Coursework Sample)


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Theory Development
The human-to-human relationship model
The human-to-human relationship model developed by Joyce Travelbee a psychiatric nursing instructor from New Orleans deals with the interpersonal relationship as part of the nursing profession (Stasková &Tóthová, 2015). Joyce believed that nurses have the responsibility to assist patients by helping them alleviate pain caused by unmet needs. Human to human relationship is the best way for nurses to fulfill their roles. (Stasková &Tóthová, 2015).
The theory explains the importance of fostering appropriate relationships during care to improve communication between patients and nurses and enhance the patient's health outcomes (Stasková &Tóthová, 2015). Joyce Travelbee was a psychiatric nurse and an educator with BSN degree working at De Paul hospital affiliate school (Stasková &Tóthová, 2015). The paper explains the development of the human-to-human relationship theory and its current application as part of the nursing practice.
The human-to-human theory emphasizes the importance of interpersonal aspect within the nursing practice, especially the mental health. Joyce believed that relationships form the foundation of fulfilling the purpose of nursing. Joyce draws her concept from the logo therapy and existentialism concepts by Frankl and Kierkegaard (Burack et al., 2012). According to existentialism, humans are faced with several choices and experience conflict. However, they are accountable for their actions. Logo therapy is more of a psychotherapy process whereby the fulfillment of the meaning of life is the best way to protect humans from emotional instability and life challenges (Burack et al., 2012).
From these two concepts, the human-to-human relationship applies to the nursing profession in that considering the fact that people experience challenges in varied ways. These feelings cause discomfort mentally, and physically. The concept of relationship building between patient and nurses is essential and the best therapeutic approach to offer mental and physical relief for those in pain (Noviana, et al. 2016).
Syntax development
Human to human relationship theory uses certain terminologies like the subjective and objective definition

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