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Independent Variables, Hypothesized Relationship (Essay Sample)


Develop a list of independent variables that would be related to your grade in this course (ie. the amount of study time you put in) and predict whether the relationship would be negative or positive. Also address the issue of whether there would be any multicollinearity between the independent variables and identify which variables would be affected. Explain and analyze. Must be at least two complete pages.


Independent Variables
Student's Name
Independent Variables
According to Wang & Park (2016), an independent variable refers to the variable that affects the other (dependent variable) in a hypothesized relationship. As such it can be said to be the reason for an outcome. On the other hand, the dependent variable refers to the effect in a hypothesized relationship (Wang & Park, 2016). The authors also point out that in some situations one may have one dependent variable and several independent variables. This is the same case with the variables that determine my grade in the course. My grade in the course would be the dependent variable. There are thus a number of independent variables that affect my grade in the course. These independent variables include attitude towards class attendance and time allocated for studies. Other independent variables as identified by Jayanthi, Balakrishnan, Ching, Latiff, & Nasirudeen (2014) are extracurricular activities and part-time employment. Ali, Haider, Munir, Khan, & Ahmed (2013) point out parental economic status as one of the independent variables that may affect a student's performance. Stress is also one of the independent variables that can influence my grade (Mushtaq & Khan, 2012).
One of the independent variables, attitudes towards class attendance affects the dependent variable to a great extent. A positive attitude towards class attendance will affect positively my grade in the course. On the other hand, a poor attitude will have a negative relationship with my grade. The time allocated f

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