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American Society too competitive? Business & Marketing Essay (Essay Sample)


America my be the most competitive country in the world. Whether the space race, arm race, the human genome race, or the rat race, we Americans have been determined to come in first in just about everything we do. However, many people feel that American society is too competitive. Do you agree? Make an argument stating whether you think American society is OR is not too competitive. Use specific reasons and examples to support ONE position


American Society
Competetiveness in a society is the ability to outshine several others. What a country or state delivers, the size of its economy, the social and economic activities, political democracies, among others. The supreme nature of referring to America being competitive arose after the second world war. Winning the war granted it the title of a ‘superpower.’ This linked to America’s ability to manufacture massive weapons that had devastating results in war. Then the economic developments took over, and the country triumphed once more. Since then, America has been in the limelight of competitors and admirers. Most of these would love to do everything to the standards of America, to be equal, or challenge its position. As a result, almost all aspects of life are deemed competitive. Currently, every age-set is believed to be in some competition, including children, as noted by the New York Times (Harris, 2017). Here is an essay to evaluate this thought, which confirms that America is not as competitive as considered, but a rational society that defined and kept its standards.
With the trend of excellence spreading to every sphere of life, from industries, social events like sports, and political dispensations, most Americans adopted an attitude, to deliver the best they could. Seeking to do the best one could be a form of encouragement for everyone to deliver their best too. As a result, the society ended with almost

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