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COMPARE COMPANY PARADIGMS ASSIGNMENT Trader Joe's AND whole foods. Research these two companies (which means proper MLA citation) and see if you can identify their paradigm (what makes them, them). For each company review and describe their mission, core values, and requirements for employment and how their business works. In addition to the above, please answer the following questions: What makes these companies different? What makes these companies similar? What are the unique characteristics which define each company? Describe how you would envision managing in these environments as a food service manager. Note: This paper should be in proper MLA format. use examples. source..
Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods
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Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods
Describe their mission, core values, and requirements for employment and how their business works.
The essential parts that make Trader Joe’s a successful retailer, is the fact that; he has a variety of unique products. The company has high levels of creativity through sourcing out the products from the other industries with distinctive and successful private label programs; while ensuring good relationship with the suppliers. The mission of this company is to ensure that; the corporate culture is maintained through implementing compensation practices and ensuring better management. The mission of the company is to meet the requirements of the customers, employees, and the environment
The mission of the whole foods company is to be whole in everything; ‘food- people – planet’, this is their route to success (Jessica30). The company specializes in the finest natural and organic foods available, while maintaining the strict quality standards in the industry. It has a strong commitment to sustain agriculture as this is the main source of their products. Customers have been given serious attention in that the company has worked to ensure that the customers are exited and have fun while shopping for glossaries
What makes these companies different?
The difference in the two companies is in the types of products they offer; for instance the whole Foods Market emphasizes on natural and organic products while the Trader Joe’s offers a variety of products ranging from; food products, organic products, domestic and imported wine, hygienic and household products. In terms of identity, Whole Foods market identifies itself as, the “Whole Foods-Whole people and whole planet”, while the Trade Joe’s market identifies itself as “the neighborhood grocery”.
What makes these companies similar?
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