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Visual And Performing Arts: Victims Of Police Brutality (Essay Sample)


There have been many brutalities that have been meted on different groups of people around the world that can only be brought to the attention of people through an art exhibition.

Write about Victims Of Police Brutality.


Visual and Performing Arts
There have been many brutalities that have been meted on different groups of people around the world that can only be brought to the attention of people through an art exhibition. The theme of brutality can be used during art exhibition to send out a clear message. Arts can be used in different ways, which include fighting against any form of injustice like police brutality on a given group of people in the society (Paltridge 987). An art exhibition can be organized to commemorate the victims of brutality to express the suffering that the victims went through during the ordeal. Art is divided into two categories; performing and visual arts. For instance, performing artists use their various body parts to pass a given message or to artistically present a given piece of information. It is different from the visual arts in that the artists are required to use paints, canvas, and different materials to develop art items. The performing artists have their ways of expressing an idea, feeling, taste, or emotion through presentations or performances such as theatre, public speaking, dances, music, and even dramatized dance. On the other hand, the visual arts provide a way of expressing an idea, taste, emotion, and even feeling; and this is done through a visual means like painting, sculpting, drawing, and photography. Both performing and visual arts can be used during an event such as exhibition that is organized around a given theme for instance brutality. There are many instances when the acts of brutalities have been witnessed in different parts of the world, and these instances of brutalities have been used as a theme in different exhibitions. For instance, there was an art exhibition that was organized to memorialize the victims of the police shooting that took place in Amadou Diallo. A gallery known as Harlem organized an art exhibition to remember the victim of police brutalities on the immigrants from West Africa in 1999, in New York (Meyerowitz 75).
Pictures Showing Victims of Police Brutality
The Harlem Art Exhibition
An exhibition was staged in New York for the remembrance of West African immigrant shot by the police in New York. In the year 1999, four policemen openly shot at the immigrants from West Africa, who were living in the poor neighborhoods of the New York. During the exhibition, a total of eleven artists presented their works, to express the sufferings that these people went through during the police brutality. There were both the performing and visual artists during the exhibition, and the show was about remembering Diallo himself and also to protest how he met his death. In other words, the exhibition was supposed to convey the images of rage, and pain that Diallo passed through before he met his death. The artwork that was presented during the exhibition was put into three categories; the photographs that were showing the procession of Diallo's funeral, a painting that presented the scene where Diallo was being shot at by the police, and other different pieces of sculpture about the life of Diallo as well as the message forgiveness and hope. Jim Caroll and Thomas Azrin were among the artists that presented some of the artistic works during the exhibition. For instance, they both presented some photographs that were taken during the procession of the burial. These photographs depicted numerous elements of the tragic events that occurred after the shootings. These photographs were presented in black-and-white colors, which showed several hands that carried the plain wooden-coffin that carried the remaining body of Di...

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