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Police Brutality: The Possible Cause And Impacts (Research Paper Sample)


Our project is to write a research paper and the topic is Police Brutality. One of our resources must be the New Jim Crow. You can find the other resource by yourself but you need to cite at the end. The whole paper must strictly follow the MLA format. PLEASE, NO SPACE LEFT which means that the whole research paper needs to be filled out exactly at least 6 pages in google docs. PLEASE, DO NOT USE BOLD.


IB English B Year 2 7310-02
26 March 2018
Police Brutality
From time to time, there have been numerous reports of abominable assaults and intentional mistreatment of suspects or civilians involving police officers. These reports usually present issues about excessive utilization of force that violates the human and civil rights of the victims. There are numerous cases that suspects are sustaining injuries after encountering the wrath of police brutality just because it can raise the efficiency in interrogation and combating crime. The paper attempts to analyze the possible cause and impacts of police brutality. Also, it highlights the relationship current relationship between civilians and law enforcers, which is directly influenced by the perceived effectiveness of the police in maintaining law and order among communities.
Police brutality and excessive utilization of force are occupational crimes since they both violate the legal codes of conduct in a legitimate occupation. I have been observing and realized that incidences of police torture and extrajudicial killings have been common in the mainstream media, while others go unnoticed. However, the officers involved are rarely taken accountable for their crimes. There are typically two situations where claims of excessive force involving police officers can arise. In my observation, the first situation is when a defendant in a criminal case alleges that the excessive force rendered the search unreasonable attempting to suppress evidence. The second situation is when a subject presses charges against the police with allegations about the use of excessive force, which subject's civil rights were violated.  
However, sometimes police brutality is indispensable to be existed in our society. According to Maguire, police brutality is often perceived as inappropriate, while others think it is a better way of combating crime (Maguire 150). Today, handling guns have become a normal situation in some neighborhoods, thus becoming hard for police officers to maintain law and order. Therefore, patrolling such areas puts their lives at high risks and under such condition, they corner as the victim of such offenses brutality is obvious. Although nobody wishes to experience such incidences, the police use their forces to scare potential criminals. Consequently, it is believed that if it were not for the perceived brutality of the police forces, crime incidents would be rampant and uncontrollable.  
Moreover, the excessive police force is indispensable in inquiring information or confessional statement from suspects though inflicting extreme physical and mental tortures. I have observed that when police are deployed to neutralize political activists, protesters, and other forms of civil unrests, incidences of excessive use of force are frequent. Victims find themselves in the middle of police forces report of caning, punching, electroshocking, water treatment, and verbal abuse among others (Reiss, 12). Usually, those common victims of police brutality are the ones who cannot afford appropriate legal representation such as the poor family and people with mental illnesses because they may complain due to the fear of police harassment and further torture. Thus, police believe that the unlawful arrests and extrajudicial killings can effectively provide deterrence to the civilians and suspects. They regard the excessive use of force to suspects as an easier and quicker method of solving cease. In this case, the use of excessive force becomes a useful tool for extracting information and interrogating suspected lawbreakers. However, it is the degree and manner in which it is carried out that determines its efficiency while preserving human dignity and human rights of the victims involved.
Nevertheless, I believe...

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