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Police–Community Relations in a Majority-Black City by Weitzer (Essay Sample)


major:public relationship


Journal Report
Many are times when people perceive public relations as a form marketing tactic. Getting deeper into the field makes one realize that public relations is a whole program made up of various components which are essential in the marketing industry. One amazing thing is that for a student, depending on their personality, can specialize in one area to build their professionalism. Assessing my personality, the most interesting component of public relations to me is community relations. Here are the reasons why community relations component is interesting to me. Also, there is an assessment of an article related to community relations.
One thing that everyone can agree with me is that a business does not exist in a vacuum. The essential component of its operation is depended on the groups and citizens in its environs. It is more likely that the employees of the business grew up in the community the business is operating in. In addition, entities like banks, county, and municipal governments set parameters through which a business operates in. This thus becomes a matter of interest as for a business to thrive and succeed; it has to look for ways of fostering a relationship with the community and thus my interest.
Since I dream of having my own business corporation some day in future, this becomes an area of interest to me. This had been an area that most executives in various companies had not explored, but now the market is trending that way. It is an imperative strategy to have a presence in the community. The benefits are mutual in that the community's needs will be served and the reputation or image of the business built. This increases the visibility of the business. Employees become proud of their company thus increasing productivity at a minimal cost. All these and many others benefit the business and thus an area of my interest.
The journal, Police–Community Relations in a Majority-Black City by Weitzer, Tuch & Skogan serves as a good example of community relations. Despite the fact that police is a government entity and not ‘business'; it still serves the purpose this paper is focused on. The authors of the article point out police-community relations having brought the major social problems experienced in this sector in the US. The article traces back to the past experiences the

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