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Crime Mapping and Geographic Profiling Wtiting Assignment (Essay Sample)


For this Discussion, review the media piece “Crime Mapping.” Consider whether or not the interrogation of the woman in the media piece was justified based on the information presented from the crime mapping.
Post by Day 4 your position on whether or not the interrogation of the woman in the media piece was justified based on the information presented from the crime mapping. Justify your response with references to the literature and Learning Resources.


Crime Mapping and Geographic Profiling
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Crime Mapping and Geographic Profiling
Crime mapping is a technique that is used to determine the areas where criminal acts are likely to happen, and take measures of deterring the same (Harries, 1999). In reference to the video, the interrogation of the woman was justified based on the crime mapping information presented. The police spokesperson insists that it was not unlawful to interrogate the woman because if she was a prostitute, crime would have been prevented. Crime mapping identifies geographical areas and people who are likely to be connected to crime (Taylor, Fritsch & Liederbach, 2015). Thus, from the video, it evident that before the woman was taken for interrogation, there was a research that identified the location and the people who are involved in prostitution. Since she matched the identity of one of the women in the database and she happened to be in the exact location, the police had to take action and question her about the same.
The interrogation was justified because the policeman who was questioning h

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