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Peers, Family and Teenagers (Essay Sample)

Q: both one's peers and one's family play an important part in any child's development. which do you consider to be the most important for teenager. ( while peers are important in forming the character of a young person,it is the parents and wider family who play the most important role). please copy the sentence between brackets in introduction and the argument about this sentence. I need 300 words, referaces 2 books, 3 website source..
Peers, Family and Teenagers
The parents` influence on their child is prominent during his early years of development since he is greatly dependent on their parents at the time. Genes have impact on this rapport; however, purportedly, as children reach adolescence, they tend to get past their relationship with their parents and establish new ties with those of their own age – those they would come to refer to as ‘peers` Mendeley Edited Citation{c499c7d5-f7b9-42f7-bcb2-57db9856387d} Prev{(Harris 2009)}(Harris, 2009). Both parties have always had significant influence over a person`s life; however, it`s always been an issue as to which of the two really have a greater effect upon the person. Then again, while peers are important in forming the character of a young person, it is the parents and wider family who play the most important role.
The parent`s method of handling their child in infancy actually has an effect on the child`s character later on Mendeley Edited Citation{e0178996-6827-4e81-82d1-3baa62baee7f} Prev{(Leonhardt 2011)}(Leonhardt, 2011). For instance, if during infancy the parents have already patently expressed their love for the child then the child is apt to grow up comfortable in his parents` care; otherwise, he would feel dejected and unloved thus possibly resorting to alternative pursuits. Likewise, the parents` response towards their child`s behavior through maturity also matter Mendeley Edited Citation{05eb4d87-eaf7-4a36-a74d-dada824cc6d2} Prev{(Martin & Fable 2009)}(Martin & Fable, 2009). F...
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