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Children Malnutrition 2 (Essay Sample)

Introduction: should outline the issue, set its context and highlight its relevance to practice with the link to the Millennium Declaration made explicit. The influence of policy: at local, national and international levels in relation to the issue should be presented. How this relates to health & social care practice should be critically presented using literature to underpin the arguments. Current professional practice should be critically analysed, highlighting positive and negative aspects that may influence service delivery in relation to the issue under discussion. Service development/s should be proposed to address any professional issues raised. Conclusions will draw together the main points of the proposal/s in bullet point form. dear writer, can you focus in the developing countries source..
Children Malnutrition
Malnutrition is a condition that results from intake of excess unbalanced diet with several nutrients lacking or the just poor eating habits it can bring about certain ailments such as marasmus caused by general lack of food, kwashiorkor which is a lack of proteins, goiter which is caused by the lack of iodine, rickets which is a vitamin D deficiency, scurvy by lack of vitamin C and beriberi which is a lack of vitamin B. It is estimated that about 62 million persons die yearly from malnutrition and majority of this are in sub-Saharan Africa and Asia due to high dependency on rainfall to grow food. Problems of storage are also a contributing factor as when there is good harvest, lots of the food is lost to pests and fungi; leading to an acceleration to high poverty levels (Torpy Et al. 2010). It reduces the immune system creating opportunistic diseases to attack the body and cause pain and suffering and eventually death. There are some countries which have come up with the supplement distribution in a bid to curb the various diseases and stop deaths/deformation. In the United States of America, about half of the population is obese due to lack of exerci...
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