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Situation, Problem, Solution, Evaluation about culture shock (Essay Sample)

To what extent do people need to understand 'culture shock' when contemplating a peroid of residence or study abroad? Say why this occurs and describe some specific proplems that people may face. Make recommendations to bring about acceptance and adaptation. Notes: First Paragraph: situations with introducation. Second Paragraph: Problems. Third Paragraph: Solution. Four Paragraph : Evaluation Fifth Paragraph: Recommendations and conclusion resourse form internet websits please. source..
Culture Shock Name Course Institution Date Culture shock Moving to a new country to study leads to physical and emotional discomforts or anxiety from losing the familiar signs of social interaction. New experiences are encountered such as new cultures, language, food, people, all of which when combined with the lack of familiar things and people might cause anxiety referred to as “culture shock”. A change in a new environment makes a foreign student to express lack of direction, confusion and the inability to do things appropriately (Carmen, 1988). Culture shock occurs during the first week of a student’s contact with a new environment. The way a person had lived before may not be accepted or considered to be a normal way of living in the new country; therefore, students who go abroad to study encounter different things. Culture shock has implications to a student’s life ranging from uneasiness, unhappiness, psychological pain, hypersensitivity, and lack of perspective (Charles, 2007). People experiencing culture shock are normally faced with a variety of problems and this will even include communication difficulties. Since different people will experience culture shock in unique ways, the problems associated with it will also vary from one individual to another and these problems will range from physical to psychological to physical forms. People undergoing culture shock will therefore experience sleeping problems, digestive irregularities, loss of appetite, lethargy, stress, confusion about values and morals, feeling angry over small frustrations, irritability among other problems. These problems will therefore make individuals suffering from culture shock to feel insecure, isolated and feeling very moody (Mavrides, 2009). Probably, it is very difficult to prevent the culture shock experiences but it is possible to minimize its effects. The culture shock experiences include both the ...
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