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Paraphrase 2 (Essay Sample)

*********** WRITER PETER ONLY *********** I\'d like to paraphrase (paraphrase each word) whole the document which in the attachment above ( 1100 words ) * please keep it as the document style and structure above (as points not as paragraphs) source..
1- Show protection policies and orders to guard workers from the risk of the work and reduce or shun possible misfortune.
2- All employees to adhere to the safety rules to avoid/shield them from harm when in duty. Harm might originate from using tools for instance electrical hacksaw or even electrical appliances that need large voltage.
3- Using materials that can be recycled
4- Minimizing the waste which comes from building and construction activities can by using optimal materials
5- The organization needs to buy equipment that does not produce a lot of noise
6- The company should offer serious and thorough teaching/education about safety to all its workers.
7- Carry out maintenance and check up their equipment more often.
8- Ensuring that the workshop is well illuminated
9- The company should have a fully equipped kit for carrying out first aid to help tackle unpredictable accidents that might occur in the workshop
10- Workers in the department of production, opt to be provided with personal protection equipment such as gloves, helmets, and gumboot.
11- The company need to have strategically placed fire extinguishers that can be used to curb effects of fire incase there is a fire breakout
12- Have efficient process of handling waste materials that is aimed at reducing pollution.
13- The company should have an orderly risk managing mechanisms that is better placed to take actions in controlling whenever it occurs. Accidents or risks do occur at no specified time and due to this fact, it is rational and sound to have ready made solutions that can be used to help address the issue. The mangers are called upon to review safety programs and make necessary adjustments while at the same time keep employees updated on issues relating to their safety while at place of work.
The major risks are as follows:
1-Sound pollution: hazardous to human. Employees in various companies/organization do undertake their duties within huge machines that make a lot of noise that damage their ears. To help employees evade this negative consequence, they must have PPE that aid in protecting ears for instance earplugs and or ear muffs
2-Chemicals that are either liquid/powder used in building and construction sectors usually lead to a myriad of diseases some of which are not curable such as cancer and chemical burns. Some of the chemicals can burn workers especially when these workers handle the chemicals without wearing PPE such as gloves, employees can be affected when they try to use their tongues to taste these chemicals. Other chemical causes wooziness especially when mixing, taking samples or preparing some for experimental purposes.
3- The organization is responsible for the health and safety of its workers, it has to provide them with first aid incase an accident occurs.
4- To avoid water pollution, the company opts to correctly marshal ...
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