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Energy Resource Plan (Essay Sample)

2. Assignment: Energy Resource Plan You are a board member of your Home Owner's Association. At your next meeting, your goal is to educate other homeowners about energy conservation. - Due Date: Day 7 (post in the Assignment section of eCampus) - Review the following Energy Resource Plan outline: o Introduction:  Provide information about why conserving energy is important. o Renewable versus Nonrenewable  Briefly distinguish between these two types of energy. o Methods to conserve and help the environment  What can each member do, personally, to conserve energy and help the environment at the same time?  Provide at least three methods. o Government efforts  How can the government be involved in conservation efforts? o Conclusion  Wrap up the meeting with a brief summary of your main points.  Provide some motivation for conserving energy with a memorable slogan, statement, or song, for example. Write a 350- to 700-word paper that includes all elements of the Energy Resource Plan outline. - Format your paper according to APA guidelines. - Post your paper as an attachment. source..
Energy Resource Plan
Our daily life depend more so on energy. Energy is usually defined as "the ability to do work." Working includes performing of various duties including movement, lighting and warming among others. Industries are the major consumers of energy followed by households. In our homes, various tasks require energy for operation. These include heating, lighting, air conditioning, ironing, entertainment, and many others. Electricity is the major form of energy consumed in the households. In the United States, the major sources of energy include renewable, non renewable and nuclear energy (Epa 1997).
The amount of non renewable energy sources present is diminishing and this calls for the intensive call for conserving energy usage or adopt the renewable sources for long term sustainability. The global climate change and environment degradation are the major crisis affecting humans in the current century. Use of non renewable sources of energy leads to pollution of the environment and this is depicted as the major influence of climate change. The major form of pollution is the atmospheric and marine pollution (Epa 1997).
Burning of fossil fuels lead to leads to emission of carbon dioxide. This is produced in large quantities at the industries, homes and in motor vehicles. Carbon dioxide is a green house gas and its addition into the atmosphere lead to the increase of atmospheric temperatures through acting as a cloud leading to global warming. Global warming causes various dangerous effects to the humans including health complications, destruction of environment including degradation of vegetation thus affecting both the animals and the plants since the environment is cyclic (Epa 1997).
Renewable and non renewable sources of energy are the main producers of electricity. Renewable sources of energy are the sources that do not deplete thus sustainability. Among the major renewable energy sources include "wind (wind power), water (h...
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