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Role Research in The Development of Physiotherapy Practice Essay (Essay Sample)


Introduction / overview (10% of word count approx.)
In this section give a brief account of the area of research and physiotherapy practice. This is a section to provide a definition for the main points of the assignment.
Finally, set out what you intend to cover in the assignment.
Main content (80% of word count approx.)
Main content should follow on from what you have specified you are going to discuss in your introduction section. The assignment should not be structured with learning outcomes as headings/subsections but formed together to address the assignment.
1. Demonstrate an understanding of the nature of research and its application to clinical practice.
To show this you will explore the use of research in clinical practice and how evidence and the research process may enhance or diminish what clinicians do with patients. You may want to choose an example of how evidence has or has not changed practice and evidence your understanding of research studies which have led to this change.

2. Demonstrate an understanding of methods of investigation used in research, and their associated limitations.
To demonstrate this, you will show that you understand how different types of research gives you answers to different types of questions. You will show that you understand how to start reading research critically and integrating research findings into discussion.

3. Demonstrate understanding of the Evidence Based Practice process.
You will have shown a clear understanding of EBP and how it fits into practice. You will show that you have looked at evidence around how EBP may or may not change clinical practice including some of the pros and cons associated with EBP. This is not expected to just an explanation of what EBP is, it is how this applies to the question.

Summary / conclusion. (10% of word count approx.)
A clear summary of what you have spoken about within the assignment, leading to a clear single statement that answers the question asked in the title.
Presentation guidelines
1500-word assignment (not including reference list)
Please write in the third person.
No names on the work as work is marked anonymously
Space your work (1.5 or double word spacing)
Clear and legible font (arial/calibri)
Appropriately referenced in text as well as a clear reference list at the end of the assignment.


Role Research in The Development of Physiotherapy Practice
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Role Research in The Development of Physiotherapy Practice
Physiotherapy, sometimes called physical therapy, refers to a medical profession that treats acute and chronic pain, physical impairments, or movements due to trauma, illness, and injuries using exercise prescription, health education, or physical agents. It improves the physical functioning of the patient through prognosis, diagnosis, or physical examination and intervention by a person called a physiotherapist (Veras et al., 2016). Besides the clinical practice, the physiotherapy profession entails research, education, administration, and consultation provided as a primary care service alongside other medical services. Like in any other field, clinical research is very important because it helps the physiotherapists to supplement their knowledge. The physiotherapists have employed the evidence-based therapy practice as a basis for their treatment services. The evidence-based therapy practice involves a scientific study, clinical reasoning, and an individual’s goals and needs. Therefore, physiotherapy is very crucial in saving the lives of many people and making them live a good quality of life. However, without research, physiotherapy would not make any professional progress. This study analyses and discusses the role of research in the development of physiotherapy practice. It describes the progress of research in physiotherapy, the process of disseminating and implementing the research knowledge, the research design and the methodology used, the significance of clinical research, and the role of institutions of higher learning in supporting the clinical and academic research related to physiotherapy.

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