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Natural Disaster or Earthquake (Essay Sample)

can you please see the attached file which am going to upload it . read it carefully and follow the steps on it>>> its all about disaster or earth quick that happen i.g: sonami ,japan disaster ,.... choose any one than please confirm me which one have you choose . if you have any question please ask thank regard saad source..

Natural Disaster or Earthquake
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(04, April, 2011)
Natural Disaster or Earthquake
Natural Disasters are a common occurrence that affects the lives and livelihood of the human beings and animals in a specific region. There are various forms of natural disasters that are commonly known and noted as the most notorious forms that affects the humans. Some of these includes Tsunamis, Floods, Earthquakes, Volcanic eruptions, HYPERLINK "" \l "Blizzards"Blizzards, Cyclonic storms, Droughts, Hailstorms, Heat waves, Tornadoes, Avalanches amongst other forms that are as a result of natural or man made.
This assignment highlights on the extent to which the tsunami that occurred in Fukushima, Japan affected the organizations and the society that lives around the region and the entire country. The paper also aims at taking a critical look on the risk management failures that resulted to the disaster having a greater magnitude it had. The paper also takes a look on the corrective measures that would be used in order to ensure that the numbers of deaths and destruction of property as a result of the earthquake /tsunami. It also go to the point of highlighting on some short / long term problems that were faced by the organization and the society in the region. In addition, the paper also checks on some possible solutions and preventive measures that the organization and society should take in consideration so as to reduce the impacts or the likelihood of the occurrence of hazardous effects in the future.
The Fukushima, Japan earthquake/ tsunami occurrence
Japan is an island found in Eastern Asia, it is located in the Pacific Ocean. This country neighbors China, North Korea, South Korea and Russia. In the year 2011 march 11, the country faced one of the most tragic natural disasters that it had ever encountered in its history. The news on the Japan earthquake / tsunami has hit both the local and international media. This natural disaster came to be known as the “2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami” (AFP, 2011). It had a magnitude of 9.0 undersea and that thrust sent the water off the shore of the Japan coast; thus destructing a lot of property and killing many people as some others where about isn’t clearly known as other tens of thousands are left homeless with no food and shelter. With this having occurred in Japan, the Japanese government has officially named this tsunami as a natural disaster and the government appeals to the other governments and well wishers to help the country and its citizens to overcome these negative results of the tsunami / earthquake. This is because there is a large number of affected people and a lot of destruction of property. Another vital problem has also occurred in Japan that is the destruction of the Tōkai nuclear power stations, and the nuclear plant is leaking out poisonous emissions...
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