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Importance of Individual Differences at Places of Work (Essay Sample)

i want u to use this book as the main source which is (Pearson Compilation (2010), Perspectives on People at Work, Custom Publishing, Essex) and i need the other references from UK resources source..
Importance of Individual Differences at Places of Work.
The workplace environment requires more interaction amongst the employees and their respective employers. This is because most of the job seekers from underrepresented groups will tend to have high interest with organizations that have the capacity to keep employees with diversified abilities. People at the workplaces come from diversified cultures, beliefs, and backgrounds. This explains why both profit and non-profit making organizations need diversified personnel in order to increase creativity and openness to change by maximizing and capitalizing on workplace diversity. Employers need to monitor the changes in workplaces by implementing policies needed in a multicultural work environment and diversity in order for equal treatment. To manage individual differences at places of work both the employers and employees need to recognize the values of differences and promote inclusiveness.
Prejudice and discrimination leads due to individual differences may lead to increased complaints and legal actions against the employers or employees while negative attitudes leads to destruction in working relationships and low morale. Processes such as hiring and termination of employees should not be based on prejudice and discrimination in association to diversity. For employers to successed, they need to understand that each individual person is unique and therefore they must focus on personal awareness when creating a workforce (Taylor, 1991). Increase in productivity can be as a result of high respect to individual differences. The business image in terms of recruitment process, marketing ability and reduced lawsuits can be highly improved when individual differences and factored. The changing world and markets requires a diversified team of employees which adds high value to the organization. When individual differences are respected there will be benefit to the organization due to increased competitiveness and work productivity. A workplace where every individual has equal access to resources, opportunities and challenges should be created by the employers.
At workplaces, individual differences have a greater role to place in which they influence the functionality and the success of an organization. Employers/employees in any context have Individual differences in relation to; personality and intelligence (Self-esteem, generalized self-efficacy, Locus of control and neuroticism. ), cultural diversity (Collectivism/individualism) and demographical factors (educational level, age, marital status, and organizational tenure). This difference affects the organization in terms of performance due in relation to the following factors; job satisfaction, organizational commitment, job involvement, career commitment and career satisfaction (Meyerson, 2002).
The core values of the organization should aim at providing the employe...
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