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Assignment for project Environment Unit (Essay Sample)

Brief: Using examples known to you or in the literture Discuss how employing a project managemnet approach to intruduce change would yield tangible benefits to organisations. In your disccusion, examine key strategic considerations likely to be encountered when planning and undertaking major projects. Your papeer should demonstrate the followin learning outcomes of the unit: 1- An understanding of the use of project mangemnet in intrducing change. 2- An understanding of the project environment and context in which projects are conceived and realised. 3- An understanding of the overall framwork and processes of projects managemnet. 4- An understanding of the nature of project success and failure. -------------------- the words count excludes : title page, index,references and appenices. use shorter sentences and make you meanin, more than longer one no more 10% on intruduction and no more 10% on conculusion. try to use the (( Harvard APA)) system of citation and referencing Do include diagrams or tables if they help your disccusion 1.5 line spacing. source..
Project management
Project management is a diverse and complex discipline which involves organizing, planning and management of resources to achieve a given set of goals and objectives. A project is described as an endeavor with a defined beginning and end and is aimed at adding value or beneficial changes on completion. Project management differs considerably with business management in the sense that a business is a repetitive endeavor which can last indefinitely while a project has specific goals and objectives to be achieved within a given a given set of period. Project management therefore involves a series of steps which are initiation, planning, execution, controlling and finally closing (Robert, James, 2001, p.24). Successful project management involves four key elements which must be effectively managed and measurable at every stage of the project. These elements are notably resources which include equipments, materials and people. Secondly is time which focuses on the work duration, critical paths to be taken and dependencies to other external factors. Thirdly is money which includes the total financial investment and benefits (Martin, 2002, p.61). Lastly is the scope which entails the goals, requirements and size of the project. This paper seeks to discuss the use of project management in introducing change. It also focuses on the project environment and context in which projects are conceived and realized. The author takes the discussion a step further by analyzing the overall framework and processes of projects management as well as the nature of project success and failure.
Use of project management in introducing change
Managing complex and long duration projects is marked with many challenges because unpredictable things can happen and hinder the progress towards the achievement of a common goal. In this interest therefore, the traditional project management and analysis is insufficient to be used in these complex and long time projects which behave dynamically. The challenge is compounded by the fact that the business solution to those challenges might not feature in the modern business needs and techniques. It is in this context that project managers need to be knowledgeable in change management plans and apply them effectively to make change in the management and achieve the intended goals.
. Change management in a project involves understanding and defining the real problem at hand and then applying the essential concept to implement the intended changes. Several tools are used to facilitate the adoption to change and the overall satisfaction of the involved parties in the project.
The first step in managing changes in a project is to identify the need for the change. This is achieved by awarding a classification code to the change based on certain standards. The sets of standards may take several forms and can be marked either of high impo...
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