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Business and Marketing (Essay Sample)

This is an exam question So please can you answer the question step by step as shown down below** please make easy to understand and easy to remeber. the question is: There are a variety of market structures and a variety of firm objectives, so that theory predicts a wide range of price outcomes.” Critically assess this statement using relevant evidence *********************** Answers should include: Evidence of understanding price determination and importance of market structure and firms' goals in price setting. Some indication of understanding pricing formulae – cost-plus suggested as most prominent – Hall and Hitch findings would attract extra marks. Evidence of understanding how market structure and power may dictate pricing strategies e.g. price discrimination and other pricing practices by e.g. supermarkets, bus companies. The reffrences should be from tow books . Applied Economics : ALAN GRIFFITHS AND STUART WALL TENTH EDITION AND THE BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT "IAN WORTHINGTON : CHRIS BRITTON " SIXTH EDITION. source..

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(07 December 2010)
There Are a Variety of Market Structures and a Variety of Firm Objectives, So That Theory Predicts a Wide Range of Price Outcomes
Critically Assess This Statement Using Relevant Evidence
The market is very dynamic and thus different structures are involved where all businesses must fit in the systems if they don’t want to be eliminated. The market is therefore interconnected in that it has different characteristics such as the number of buyers, their strength, their collusion, the completion among them and their simplicity of entry and exit to the markets (Alogoskoufis, Et al, 1990). The market structure therefore has an influence on what a firm does and aims to do; this includes the pricing, supply, efficiency, in competition, and in the barriers to entry.
For example Wal-Mart has large retail outlets hence their pricing strategy affect the small companies competing with it. Due to its high sales it is able to influence or arm twist the suppliers to sell goods to them and offer services at a discounted rate because they are buying goods or seeking services in large quantity. The reduced cost which in incurred when they are procuring the goods or services are passed over to the consumers through lower prices on goods and services which they offer but still maintain the profit margin as competitors. Such price low competitive prices makes it difficult for the smaller companies to compete with it because if they lower prices like it does they would be likely operating at a loss or decreased earnings.
A market structure is determined by the ease or difficulty of entry and exit to the market, the nature of the goods and services the firm has in the market, the firm’s control of the supply and output, and the control on the prices of the product. This scenario brings to light four b...
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