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Better Healing From Better Design: The Use Of Cultural Probes (Essay Sample)


As author Yamaguchi states " has a measurable, desirable impact on clinical outcomes and cost." His HBR article Better Healing from Better Hospital DesignPreview the document explores a number of cases where design strategy has improved outcomes, patient experiences, and profitability. This assignment is meant to complement your efforts conceptualize how design strategies cannot only innovate but improve. By learning through observation and exploration we can identify opportunities that inform and inspire. Some inspiring images can be found here.
Summarize the overarching points in the article.
Find and list as many interventions and their benefits as you can find in the article.
Explain an experience (good or bad) that relates in some way to the concepts in this article.
How might you explore healthy living or healthcare through the use of Cultural Probes? What questions or activities might you include in your probe.
Submit your written work (no more than 2 pages as a PDF file


Better Healing from Better Design
Response to Yuhgo Yamaguchi
You provide insightful ideas on how patient outcome can be improved through better architectural designs in healthcare facilities. You not only provide the ideas but also prove them using evidence from various studies, something that makes the article valid and outstanding. Among the main points you provide are that better designs lead to reduced pain among patients especially children undergoing surgery. They reduce chances of hospital-acquired diseases and the length of stay in the hospitals. Improved patient outcomes reduced the cost of health. Better hospital designs not only help the patients but the families and healthcare providers as well leading to high performance when providing the care.
I agree with the interventions you mentioned throughout the article. It is true that to reduce hospital-acquired infections, ICU rooms have to be redesigned from shared to private as per the example you provided- McGill University hospitals in Canada. Garden view which

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