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Swan Lake Reflection Research Assignment Paper (Essay Sample)


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February 11, 2017
Swan Lake reflection
After watching the Swan Lake based from Tchaikovsky, I was honestly left with the problem of searching for the exact words that would help me describe what I felt. In my point of view, I believe that the play, coupled with the captivating music of the author himself, and the ambiance of the stage produced an effect that left its audience speechless during and even after the play. On the technical level, I believe that the play itself has maximized every element that it could utilize, packaged it, and presented it in a manner that is really captivating for the audience. In the succeeding paragraphs, I’ll be reiterating what I think these elements are (what piqued my interests the most) and how were they presented to create such an exquisite viewing experience.[BIBLIOGRAPHY Green, Aaron. n.d. A Synopsis of Swan Lake - Acts I & 2. Accessed February 9, 2017.]
In the beginning of the play, I became primarily interested with how the actor for Prince Siegfried portrayed the role. In spite of the fact that he was daring and bold – a perfect fit for the character – I thought that there’s something missing with his portrayal. Something that I cannot seem to put my finger on. More particularly, I think that there’s something off with displaying his emotions during the first act. The part where he was given the crossbow and informed that he is about to get married. Nonetheless, I think that he was able to better his own performance (in my own perspective) lately in the play. On the other hand, what piqued my interests the most (in a positive manner) are the costumes and the way that the ballet dancers performed throughout the play. In my opinion, there is something quite stunning with how these two elements blended t...
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