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Vietnam War Transform 60s Generation Research (Essay Sample)


Source only used on book "A people and a nation" and "major problems in American history". Specific name for both of them can be find in required readings in Syllabus under attachment. Please no outside research rather than these two books.


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Task 1: The Rise of the Conservatism and the “New Right”
When the new president Ronald Reagan ascended to power, it was a period U.S.A. was in need of positive prospects and initiatives for governance, to turn things around in the right direction. His ideologies that majorly advocated for moral order in society had helped him win the elections. He was also against high taxes imposed on the citizens and believed in individual initiative. However, He was confronted by preservatives who still believed in the post-war government dominance and expansion. Nevertheless, He will be remembered for having initiated a change in the argument on trusting the government to provide national development or a private enterprise.
The results of the arguments lead to the rise of the “New Right.” The term “New Right” was used to refer to a movement or a group of activists, who were conservatives, and believed in similar ideologies. The conservatives came in as a group in the year 1970 and as one force, performed a strong political role for the Republican Party. The conservative group’s had five core strategists who played an important role in the party. Around the start of the 1970s, the “new Right” group met several times in their bid to accelerate the establishment and development of their cause and ideologies (MP 25). The coalition worked hard to market its ideas which would help them people’s trust and eventually the votes. Around the mid-1970s, the movement commenced their operation to gaining popularity across the nation.
However, after Regan’s victory, the “New Right” movement started to collapse as the founders fell into obscurity and lost purpose. At the end of the 1980s, the leadership of the group had already parted, and they could no longer play their role in the Republican Party politics as one. Their creators, the Religious Right eclipsed them. Their decline of one of the most powerful movements was caused partially by individual idiosyncrasy. Nevertheless, the evangelicals were poorly organized politically and could not match the political wig that was even facing a commotion, and thus it never became a solidly conservative vo...
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