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World War I Research Assignment: Europe in the 20th Сentury (Essay Sample)


If you quote or paraphrasing, you need to cited ( author name, page).
In answering this question, you need to first determine for yourself what the most significant change of the Twentieth Century was, then determine which of the three wars was most influential in bringing about that change. Some historical examples that you might choose to demonstrate your thesis are the effects that your chosen war had on politics, economy, diplomacy, culture and even technology
As always, this is a very broad question, which can be tackled from a number of ways. Consider a larger theme that encompasses both of your examples (most likely based around what you believe is the most significant change of the 20th century). Such an outline would include an introduction (that explains the topic and the thematic thesis), a body that is divided into three parts (1: general explanation of historical context of the 20th century, 2: specific details of the war you selected as the most significant (emphasizing cause-and-effect), and 3: analysis which explains how the details of your selected war prove your thematic thesis – here you may also explain why you did not select the other two wars), and then a conclusion that restates your thesis and explains its significance. Be sure to give specific examples with specific facts to support your answer (names, dates, detailed events, statistics, etc.).
The three source must be from the book which i supply, if you want more chapter about what you pick like WWI World War 2 or COLD WAR, I can offer it more. And more critical thinking please.


World War I
Q: Europe in the 20th century has witnessed both wars of unprecedented scope as well as a period of unprecedented peace. Life and culture in the year 2000 was remarkably different from life and culture of the year 1900. To some extent, the global wars share some responsibility for these changes. Considering all the events of this unit (and even some of past units), which of these wars (first, second, or the cold war) proved the most significant in changing the course of the 20th century? Use at least three examples to prove your answer.
The First World War had a profound effect on Europe, precipitating World War 2 and changes in power relations in Europe. The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand was one of the major causes of First World War the Habsburg heir apparent. The emergence of America as a superpower after the Second World War happened when the country suffered few casualties in both WWI and World War 2. The Great War (1914-198)/

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