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Global Warming and Vector-Borne Diseases Coursework (Coursework Sample)


In this two-part assignment.
Part 1: Illustration
Illustrate a particular environmental agent and its effect on the environment. You may use a flow chart, diagram, pictorial, or other instructor-approved format. The illustration should show:
The vector-borne disease.
The pathway or chain of the disease.
The factors that contribute to the spread of the disease.
The effect of the disease.
Part 2: Narrative
In a short narrative (750 words maximum), do the following:
Identify the vector-borne disease.
Explain in detail the factors contributing to global warming.
Describe the effect of global warming on the incidence and prevalence of the disease.
Utilize a minimum of three references to support your claims.


Global Warming and Vector-Borne Diseases:
Student’s Name:
Schistosomiasis is also known as to as snail fever or Bilharzia. Different varieties of Schistosoma parasites which are infected are most likely to spread the disease. Snail fever is spread contact with contaminated fresh water inhabit by snails which have carried the parasite. Domestic activities like bathing, swimming, herding of cattle put the human being at a risk of contracting the disease (Paniker & In Ghosh, 2013). The larvae emerge from snails and then swims through the water until they get into contact with the human and penetrate through the skin when the larvae penetrate human body the develop into male and female, pair up and live together in the blood vessels. The eggs are likely to move to snails if people urinate and defecate in the water bodies like lakes and running rivers. The eggs remain inside the human body and later move to certain human organs where they cause damage. (Paniker & In Ghosh, 2013). Urinary schistosomiasis leads to the destroying and disfiguring of the kidney and bladder in the human body; this leads to bladder cancer, the liver, spleen, and lungs enlarge and leads to damage of the intestines. The major signs of schistosomiasis are the aspect of blood in both feces and urine in humans.
Global warming is the heating the surface of the earth, oceans and the atmosphere. When carbon dioxide gas and air pollutants and other gasses emitted greenhouse gasses are collected into the air and both sunlight and radiations bounce off the surface of the earth global warming occurs (Haldar, 2011). The far-reaching impacts of human activities have global heating effects, for example, the industrial revolution. The release of carbon dioxide, which is a primary product of fossil fuel burning and the release of other greenhouse gasses, for instance, carbon dioxide, ozone, methane, and nitrous oxide causes global warming are activities that are as a result of human endeavor. Deforestation and burning of tropical trees give way for agriculture and i...
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