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Critique Of Metaphors In Unwanted War Research Assignment (Essay Sample)


This assignment is related to a short film my group made for the English class. In the film, the professor wanted us to use metaphor to present the main idea. So in this assignment, she wants us to critize our own metaphor. I will upload our short film, and the instrutions sheet, and resourse about metaphor. The essay does not need to be an acadamic essay, there is no form requirement. Therefore, it can just be a letter to a friend, introducing our short film, and critize the use of metaphor, and how the use of metaphor make this video better. YOu have to analysis of the metaphor! That is the main point.
here is a link to the short film we made. https://youtu(dot)be/tb_yP026Vv4

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Critique of metaphors in The Unwanted War
The English language is rich in its sense. It is colored by a broad choice of words and language ranging from similes to metaphors all which come in handy to make a conversation more interesting. More often than we note, the use of metaphors occurs effortlessly in our speech. It is common to hear metaphorical sentences in our speech and writing. Metaphors are figurative parts of speech that explain situations according to how the writer sees them and not as they are. In literal terms, the phrase would be absurd. In narration, the use of metaphors is employed in the description. Plain language is enticing to the reader or viewer, and therefore, we cannot avoid using these authentic styles to color our presentations. The use of metaphors to express emotions, images, and experiences does not follow a standard rule in literature. The beauty of it being anything can be made to sound metaphorical. Metaphorical criticism, therefore, refers to the rhetorical analysis used in English both in speech and written communication. The whole purpose of metaphoric criticism is to understand how metaphors have been employed by the author to appeal to their audience.
The Unwanted War in itself as a title is metaphorical in that the village and the refugees were not at war. There is a conflict in the story. War according to Merriam-Webster dictionary is explained as a situation in which people or groups compete or fight against each other. The Unwanted War tells a story of a village that had lived happily in harmony until the refugees invaded them. The unwanted war in its nature is a metaphor. War is unwanted. No one wants to go into the battlefield. And even when there is war, preparations are made, soldiers gather for war fully armored. The refugees in the stories walked in as visitors to the village without any sign of war. They were given accommodation by the villagers where they shared their land with them. In no way is this different from our day to day lives where we accommodate new people. In the end, the refugees invade the village in an attempt to conquer and take over it with a well-calculated scheme. However, there is no indication of an actual war. The refugees used sweets to invade the territory by turning the villages green. War is therefore used to bring out the struggle faced by the villagers after the season. It shows the conflict between the villagers and the refugees who tried to invade their land. In typical cases, war is associated with bloodshed and death. Using war in the title makes the audience expectant and builds up interest. The war becomes unwanted as it is one sided, for war to be classified as a war, both parties need to be aware there is a conflict and stand up to fight. It is not until the final scene that the villagers rise up against the refugees and kick them out using their “weapon” the blue pill.
Imagining a situation where the war was planned for. The villagers would have put their team in position. The film would have given an elaborate plan of how the village trained its soldiers, garnered their armors and had their defense team well located around the village. As is the norm for a country at war, preparation is essential. No one goes to war without armor and protection. The refugees would be predicted and all their moves well calculated to find a weak point to attack. However, the village was merely attacked. The refugees had a plan of how to conquer the village. Their attack was well calculated. The sweets were their weapon and the unsuspecting villagers caught off guard. The unwanted war, therefore, is used metaphorically. The expectation was the villagers, and the refugees would build up the place. People have a tendency to be kind to people who do good unto them and this turns out contrar...
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