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Okinawa's changing representation to a capitalist state (Essay Sample)

One-page response(short essay) should be: -A clear argument dealing with the article. -This one-page response is not a book report or even summaries of the article; it is meant to represent your critical thinking on the argicle so you must argue your point and back it up with specific reference to the text. This essay is not simply your opinions; it demonstrates that you have digested and internalized important concepts, arguments, or thesis of the article. source..

Okinawa’s changing representation to a capitalist state
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The Okinawa’s principle and characteristics in Japan’s state formation may be considered that of a reformer, that did not accept the administrative as well as, legal reforms that consisted of it within the Japanese capitalist. The Okinawa’s land tax reforms had not begun until after thirty years after its independence in various prefectures during the 19th century. Okinawa as a section of the entire modernization technique shows the lack of uniformity of its policies in the past state consolidation era. The Okinawa’s example portrays another option view of the Meiji nation, though composed of consistent techniques that nations that started capitalist foundation in an imperialist level formulation.
The Okinawa prefecture’s economic state failed as a result of appropriate ideas of the Japanese nation. The area can be recognized as an area where lazy persons as well as, easy women danced through out the day. The Okinawa’s region got a reputation of getting involved in backwards and barbaric customs while consisting of lower work ethnic compared to the Japanese citizens. The Okinawan residents may be accepted by the world as people born with a unique sin that can be connected with economic and educational as well as, cultural practices by the nation through hard work. The purpose of this dissertation is not just how Okinawa can be categorized but how it may be naturalized. For example, in the Meiji era, Okinawa’s most sharp and elite persons argued that the nation policies that did not allow the area and its residents equality may have been focused on their differences and advised their right to have an equal share in the state organ.
The final agenda on this report is to clarify the interaction of power that evolved within the prefecture and directs on the aggressiveness tries of the resident’s intellectuals as well as, the entire leaders to cover their area and their people to the accepted rules. Severally, activists demonstrated the right to contribute to the political and economical ideas that are against the nations that had no confidence on Okinawa...
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