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Texas Revolution (Essay Sample)

How was Texas able to break away from Mexico? Why was the Texas Revolution so important to the United States? source..
Texas Revolution
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(January 26, 2012)
Texas Revolution
Texas revolution occurred between 1835 and 1836 when the American colonists in Texas successfully fought for independence from Mexico. It happened when Mexico was experiencing some internal conflicts and as they tried to establish their newly-obtained independence. The war was supported by the Anglo-Americans who never wished to be associated with Mexico. It happened so abrupt when the Mexican citizens barely expected it; they had a lot of disruptions and internal preoccupation which needed their attention. The revolution was also as a result of the continued isolation of Texas from the American and Mexican government. Mexican city was very far away from Texas and could not have controlled it from such a remote area. It was quite difficult for Mexico to station enough troops and administrators to salvage the situation. The revolution was necessitated by the refusal of Texas people to acknowledge the Mexican and Santa Anna governments.
The American government needed to retain the vast virgin farmland for their future production. By winning Texas control, they were able to establish a transcontinental nation which stretched all the way from Atlantic to the Pacific. Some people also argue that the Americans wanted to fulfill their divine miss...
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